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They said “Yes”… A civil wedding.

A Civil Wedding

I invite you to attend a civil marriage in Paris. A brief ceremony where I was the groom’s witness. A good opportunity to study some official wedding vocabulary.

Jacques Secques, a great Shotokan Sensei – Part 2

Jacques Secques, Shotokan Sensei
In this second part, Jacques continues to tell us about about his lifelong practice of karate, and also about how and why everyone could benefit from this practice.

118 French Cities and Towns Names

118 French cities namesAre you planning to visit France in the near future ? Using the audio dictionary, you can learn how to pronounce the names of the 118 French cities and towns that have more than 50.000 inhabitants.

Jacques Secques, a great Shotokan Sensei – Part 1

Jacques Secques, a great Shotokan Sensei

Jacques Secques is a karateka who has practised this martial art for forty five years. He now is a black belt, 5th Dan. Jacques is my karate teacher, so I wanted to interview him to learn more about his background and this martial art, its history and its great figures in France.

With simultaneous audio translation in English

Jacques Secques, a great Shotokan Sensei – Part 1

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