A new feature for French-Podcasts.com: transcripts now come with english translations

I am glad to announce a new improvement to this Blog. I have the great pleasure to welcome Marc, a new contributor who likes my podcasts and therefore wished to contribute by translating the transcripts to English. Marc is Canadian. He just graduated from university with degrees in English and Psychology. Marc is fascinated with languages. In addition to French, Marc is also learning Spanish, and then Mandarin which will come in handy when he teaches English as a second language in China.

Marc has already translated the 2 transcripts of “L’oeil du courlis: a beautiful photo-blog by a talented amateur photographer”. Thanks to Marc, others translations will follow very soon.

Here is what he says about learning French with this blog:

“I am interested in the “Learning with French-Podcasts” blog because, first of all, I believe that learning another language should be free and secondly, this blog is unique in that it provides transcripts of real conversations which are difficult to obtain among the many, many language resources that exist.”

3 thoughts on “A new feature for French-Podcasts.com: transcripts now come with english translations

  1. Anonymous

    Sincere thanks to you and Marc. I love the unique ability this website has given me of continuing to learn French past my college classroom days. This site is produced with an ease and an interest that I have found nowhere else on the internet. Again, thanks and please keep it up!

  2. Richard

    I have just listened to ‘Eva at the summer camp’. The English speaking language leader is VERY distinct in his diction and the sound reproduction here is excellent. Sadly, the overall usefulness as a help practise French is frustrated since Eva speaks so rapidly and with quite poor enunciation. Sure, it is possible to pick up a word of two in each phrasing, however mostly it is lost in Eva’s rapid fire expression. Maybe the interview has been adapted rather than done for helping novice speakers? Could you help me (and others) by preferring people who, as they speak, can provide a model the french at lest as clearly spoken as the gentleman speaking English. Thank you for going to the trouble of making pod casts such as your in the first place.


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