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Using The French Pronunciation Audio Dictionary

French pronunciation with the audio dictionary

In this third video podcast, I give some tips about how to use my Audio Dictionary. I hope these tips will make using the dictionary easier for everybody.

How to use the T3 tramway in Paris

The T3 Tramway In Paris

In this second video podcast, I tell you about the new T3 tramway which was inaugurated in Paris in December 2006, and its operating hours. I also added some tips and Internet links in the transcript.

New vocabulary and pronunciation video module

New vocabulary and pronunciation : My Desk

I have thought about how to improve and have decided to try podcasting videos. Here is my first vocabulary and pronunciation module, that covers a simple subject: my desk. This video podcast can be directly downloaded to mp3 players supporting the .mp4 video format, and it is also available through iTunes.
Please, let me know which subjects you would like me to cover.