Jade : a beautiful name for a lovely five-year old girl.

Jade, a lovely five-year old girl
I have wanted for a while to produce a series of podcasts with children. So I recently asked a good friend whether I could start this series with her daughter Jade. I am very happy to publish my conversation with Jade, who tells us about her life as a five-year old girl.

8 thoughts on “Jade : a beautiful name for a lovely five-year old girl.

  1. sandra

    this is an amazing website! my students are early beginners, so most of the podcasts are a bit too advanced for them (for now!!!) but this interview with Jade is just perfect. It covers vocabulary they’re learning (activities, school, colors, vacations…) and Jade is such an interesting informant! Thanks so much for this site, which I’m sure I’ll visit again in future.

  2. Jen

    Thanks for posting these.
    They are wonderfully helpful =)
    I need to learn and maintain french on my own for a while, so this is great!

    thanks again.


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