Meeting a Jurançon winegrower: Mr. Casaubieilh, at the Domaine Guirardel

Meeting a Jurançon winegrower Jean Casaubieilh produces golden looking and wonderfully tasting Jurançon wine in Monein, in the middle of the Béarn countryside. He shares with us his enthusiasm about winemaking and tells us under which particular circumstances he became a winemaker.

2 thoughts on “Meeting a Jurançon winegrower: Mr. Casaubieilh, at the Domaine Guirardel

  1. Andrew G

    Je vais ecrire l’email tout entier en francais quand ma confiance francophone a recupere, mais avant cela:

    This is a really wonderful series of podcasts and I’m very grateful to you for it – none of the usual language-learning role-plays about reserving a hotel room or hiring a car. It is very refreshing. I just listened to the episodes about Clementine in the car this morning – they brightened my mood in the murderous Los Angeles commute. And I can’t quite believe my luck with the transcriptions – that’s a lot of work for you, so I am especially grateful.

    Keep up the good work! This is really great.

  2. Styxlad

    Très touchée par votre commentaire, merci et à très bientôt pour de nouveaux podcasts qui, j’espère, vous intéresseront tout autant.


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