New vocabulary and pronunciation video module

New vocabulary and pronunciation : My Desk

I have thought about how to improve and have decided to try podcasting videos. Here is my first vocabulary and pronunciation module, that covers a simple subject: my desk. This video podcast can be directly downloaded to mp3 players supporting the .mp4 video format, and it is also available through iTunes.
Please, let me know which subjects you would like me to cover.

2 thoughts on “New vocabulary and pronunciation video module

  1. Harim Yu

    could you please post something related to writing? Writing in French is much harder than writing in other language, or something like that

    I mean, French must have its own peculiar property as a language, such as French is more expressive, or has more action verbs.

    I want to know French unique property as a langauge.

    Bytheway, I was really impressed by this website; it helps me a lot in many way.

  2. Help

    I recommend you lower the volume on the music or eliminate the music completely from the video. It is too loud and when compressed for MP4 it gets distorted to a point that it hides the french pronunciation from a foreign ear. Also there are thing more interesting than a desk, for instance, people. 🙂
    I like the idea of showing the words with the image, please make the text bigger so I can be read easier on a small screen (such as a cell phone). Merci.


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